Saiga Shotguns



The Saiga 12 is a gas operated, magazine fed, semi-automatic shotgun. Manufactured at the Izhmash Factory in Russia and imported through Arsenal Inc. and Russian American Armory.

This shotgun utilizes the Kalashnikov gas system which reduces the felt recoil and allows for shooting in either a single shot operation, allowing use of all the gases in order to increase the velocity of the round or in the standard semi-auto mode.

Designed as an all purpose shotgun, for competition shooting, hunting, sporting, and home defense. Chambered in the versatile and functional 12-gauge round, this semi-auto shotgun comes with a chrome lined barrel which allows the use of many different types of ammunition to include steel and handles both 2 ¾” and 3″ magnum shells. (Saiga 12’s generally will not run low pressure shells reliably).

With all of the available accessories on the market for the Saiga 12 the possibilities are endless. You can also convert your Saiga into the AK configuration ( see Saiga Conversions).

Specifications: 12 Gauge, chrome lined smoothbore 19″ barrel, 3″ chamber, gas operated semi automatic.

SGL12 is shipped with one 5-round Russian magazine, cleaning kit, cleaning brush, oil bottle & a Saiga adjustment tool.